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Art is not what you see but what you dream

Welcome to my Gallery!

It contains the "breath" that I live with - ART.

What is art to me?

Art is the interpretation of the world and the feelings of different people - including that of the artist. The environment and what I feel about it, is seen through my artworks. The people I read about, those whom I know and those whom I would like to know, can be seen also through my artworks.

Observation is vital. So is resourcefulness. Research is a must. Resilience is important. Consistency is a great necessity. Communication must be the tool of the artist's inspiration. Dreaming is the essence of my existence.

If one reads a book about history, one is dreaming about what he reads. Dreams are an indispensable resource for art and satisfaction. Consistency is working and re-working of your art while researching your "feelings" of what surrounds you.

Works of others, past and present are an illumination. They exhort you to push harder in ideas and look for different avenues.

Avenues are not necessarily those in front of you, but those further down the road or up the hill!!