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“Therefore, the art of Anthony Lucian Cauchi evokes serenity, tranquility, peace and restfulness. He evokes a lyrical world of dreams where he can escape, and forgets for a while anxieties, insecurities, tragedies, and uncertainties”

E.V.Borg ‘Nazzjon Taghna’ Saturday, 20th October 1990.

“Anthony’s total involvement and abandonment to his art is felt in the therapeutic effect his works release. In a lyrical dream world of fantasy, his landscapes are constructions and structures to rationalise one’s worries and fears. The healing effect comes out in colour, in each stroke or line drawn with vibrant effect, releasing the tension and energy of his being.”

E.V.Borg, comments on the Catalogue of Pastels Exhibition at the New Gallery, Museum of Archaeology,

(Auberge de Provence), Valletta.

Dated 17-30th October 1990.

'Anthony lucian Cauchi dejjem attent li jwassal il message tieghu skont ir ricerka storika u jazel l istill tieghu skont il burdata jew l influenza artistika ta dak il hin'. (“Anthony Lucian Cauchi is always keen to send his message according to his historical research in his art. He chooses his own style rendering to his mood or other artistic influences”)

Mument 2 ta Awwissu 2009 p. 27                         

“We are surrounded with an array of canvasses executed in very strong colours bordering the naïf and fauvist expressions. In my opinion Anthony’s best way of expressing himself!! And I have seen this coming all along his artistic path throughout the years that I have been following him”.

“Anthony is a very sincere and humble person with absolutely no pretensions but when he has something to say he normally lets the canvas say it for him. He seeks advice of fellow peers and listens attentively to suggestions that might improve the quality of his work.

“We can see glaring contrasts, fresh brush work with no retouching and in most cases quasi quasi a chiaro scuro effect. His impromptu strokes create a certain frankness that goes beyond academic laws of proportion and aerial perspective. In others words, Anthony is willing to ignore the rules’del mestiere’ in order to obtain all prima effects both in colour and form.”

Charles Cassar, famous established artist. Part of his speech at opening of ‘Nature in Dreams’ set up at the German- Maltese Circle, Messina Palace, Valletta.

Friday 21st October, 2011.