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I have been exhibiting work since the seventies - both as a sole artist and collectively.

Every artist has a need to show his work which demonstrates his thinking and how he interprets life. By keeping his interpretation to himself only, the artist will not be of service to society. Exhibiting his work does just that.

As every artist who has immersed himself in artistic waters from an early age, I had started at the school of arts under Harry Alden, John Bonnici, and Esprite Barthet. At that time, the student started learning basic techniques in Art and moves on to develop his thoughts, feelings, opinions, and interpretations through the use of different media.

A student may be influenced by other foreign artists like Picasso and Miro` but he also needs to find his own voice because his life experiences will surely influence his thoughts and consequently his work.

I have been a member of various organisations in art, like the Young Artists Group, and the 4T's Art Group. I am now a member of the Malta Society of Arts.